About Me


My name is Jessica Minnick. I am 23 years old, trying to figure out the balance between logic and idealism, rationality and passion. I believe in a healthy balance between work, school, and personal life. You can most likely find me watching my latest obsession on Netflix while going through my planner or while trying to knit my current project (which always goes unfinished), trying to learn randoms songs on my guitar and playing them over and over again for anyone who will listen (my dog and husband, mostly) or sitting around laughing and spending time with my family and friends.

I got married to my best friend, Matt in May of 2018. We love to spend time with our German Short-haired Pointer puppy, Fenway (Go Red Sox), going on walks and exploring Des Moines.

I graduated in 2016 from the place I am proud to call my Alma Mater, Grand View University. I am currently a graduate student at Bank Street College of Education in their online master’s program for Child Life. I will be a Child Life Intern at Blank Children’s Hospital Des Moines, Iowa this coming fall.

This blog is dedicated to my journey as an aspiring child life specialist and grad student, and my attempts to balance all that’s in between.


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